Friday, August 30, 2013

Last Summer Five for Friday (Boo!)

Wow! That was a FAST week! Why don't they go this fast during the school year???

Anyway, this is my last Five for Friday post of the summer as I start school next Tuesday.  I am nervous for this year and sad to see summer go.  I hope that I am succesful at meeting the challenges that I am going to face this school year.

I have met some of the kiddos and they all seem sweet.
It is not the children that I am concerned about.
It is the stupid APPR and testing scores.
Oh well...we move on....

My F4F posts this week seem to mostly surround my (personal) kiddos.  I am spending as much time as I canwith them this week.


My son plays on the JV volleyball team for his school.  I am struggling with the fact that he is going to high school.  Luckily, this is more stressful for me than it is for him.


This is my Japanese anemone.  It is my favorite plant in the garden mostly because it blooms at the end of the summer.  It is taller than me and is just lovely.


We went to Friendly's for lunch this week.  I let the girl get this huge, tall, really blue drink.  Not sure if that makes me the best mom in the world or the worst!  
Guess it depends on who you ask!


This week my son turned 14.  I usually torture him on his birthday by making him pose with something of his from his babyhood.  I do this with him because he was a preemie that was born 6 weeks early.  He was not really, really tiny but was a sickly little thing and in the NICU for the first 22 days of his life.  
A rough time for us all.  
So seeing my son (who has grown 6 inches this past year) wearing men's size 12 shoes and so healthy and happy makes me want to capture it in pictures!


I went out to dinner with my high school BFF last weekend.  We ate at a great Mexican restaurant and chose the outside patio.  Even though there was a bee that seemed to want to share our carafe of sangria, we had a fantastic time.  She is also an educator and we were talking about our "back to school" dreams.  Turns out that we both have the SAME dream!  It involves being in our high school, not able to unlock the locker, not knowing where our class was, etc..... (you know the one!). This completely cracked us up...funny that we had not talked about it sooner!  We went for a nice evening walk after dinner through part of the city and I still felt that I could have chatted for several more hours! Here we are then and now....
( might be hard to tell the difference! HA!)

 Oh well.....I hung up "THE" poem.....guess we are ready!
Happy New Year to everyone starting next week!


  1. I love the ladybug picture! My son was born 7 weeks early.

    My Kinder-Garden

  2. Have a good 1st week back next week!


  3. Oh my goodness, I have the same locker dream!!! How weird is that?
    I'm starting on Tuesday, too. Good luck:)