Friday, September 26, 2014

Five for Friday

I am back in the saddle.  
Last year was a difficult one. 
I had a VERY needy class and a TON of stress.  
I needed every ounce of energy just to survive.  
I know that it sounds dramatic but that is exactly how I felt.  That being said…I am back!  Smaller class, less needs, renewed energy!  I figured that I would start with a 5 for Friday on an ACTUAL Friday!

I work with lovely people.  This mini carrot muffin was at my door one morning this week.  I saved it for as long as I could….so yummy!

I am loving having my lunch made for the week!  I have been using the recipes from Organize Yourself Skinny to make my week even less stressful. I have loved every one of them.  You have to be willing to eat the same thing every day but that is not a problem for me!

I am trying to rejuvinate my love for Fall.  Lately I have been down on autumn due to the fact that winter follows it, but how can you not love the beauty of this pumpkin????


This is my newest addiction.  I have loved to scrapbook all of my life.  I loved the cut and paste part but as I got older and had less time, Project Life came around.  As if it could not get ANY better, the Project Life App entered existence and I can now make scrapbook pages while I am waiting for the kids to finish up with after school practices.  Check out Project Life if you love archiving your memories!

Hey! How about a bit from the classroom?  We have been working on learning about workstations this week.  This group is really catching on and is enjoying moving around to the different stations.

Listening Station
Helping each other with a word search.
Sight words at the magnetic letter center!
and more sight words….
…and even more sight words….