Thursday, July 25, 2013

Everything Old is (looking) New Again!

Ten years ago I moved into my first classroom.  White shelving seemed like a great idea back then....
Now that over 200 children have used those pretty white shelves, they are not so pretty anymore...

I tried using all sorts of cleaning products but could not get them looking the way that I wanted them to.  I headed off to Home Depot, picked up a couple of cans of my favorite spraypaint and got to work!

They LOOK so much better!  I am a little concerned about how the paint will hold up.  These are the shelves that hold all of my supply buckets with extra scissors, crayons, glue etc...they see a lot of action.   For now, I love the way they look!

I printed off these cute labels from Ladybug's Teacher Files to put on my buckets BUT have not done so yet because I am getting a laminator for my birthday next week!  (I remember when I used to want jewelry, clothes and books...)

I may do all my shelves in black....but for now I am off to get ready for vacation #2!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Leveling books

Do any of my oh-so-wise followers out there have any suggestions about what I can use for leveling books in my classroom?  I am lucky to have leveled books in my room and a school bookroom but I am leaning toward wanting to start collecting some books into boxes by levels for some of my higher readers.  I also feel that it would help to give parents a better idea of the types of books that would be appropriate for their children.


You have to start somewhere.....

OK...I am starting to get back into the swing of things but it is slow going.  It is so hard to relax at the end of the school year but it is even harder to get ramped back up.  I figured that I would start with my calendar.

I got this VERY cute monthly calendar from Target and LOVED the orange and turquoise.
Cute right?

I wanted to personalize it just a bit so I fired up the cricut and let it get to work!  I do love the sound of that baby cutting!

A little navy vinyl and my Alphalicious cricut cartridge and here it is.....nothing dramatic, but it is a start right?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Blog Loving!!!!

I normally try to make myself NOT do anything school related for the first half of sumer because I really just want to....

...make s'mores... some beautiful things....

...tend to my gardens....

...and spend time with these two growing-up-too-fast kids...

BUT I just entered into a giveaway, had the opportunity to follow some new blogs AND download some great freebies over at The Teaching Blog Roundup!  

I even decided to add a freebie myself!

I like to start the year out with some information from parents about ow to contact them and what their children are feeling about school.  Click below is a freebie form to use at the beginning of the year to gather that information.

Click HERE to download the form.

You can also click on my sidebar to visit my TpT store "Primary Divas"!

Go and check it out!  Click on the graphic to buzz on over to Teaching Blog Roundup!