Thursday, July 25, 2013

Everything Old is (looking) New Again!

Ten years ago I moved into my first classroom.  White shelving seemed like a great idea back then....
Now that over 200 children have used those pretty white shelves, they are not so pretty anymore...

I tried using all sorts of cleaning products but could not get them looking the way that I wanted them to.  I headed off to Home Depot, picked up a couple of cans of my favorite spraypaint and got to work!

They LOOK so much better!  I am a little concerned about how the paint will hold up.  These are the shelves that hold all of my supply buckets with extra scissors, crayons, glue etc...they see a lot of action.   For now, I love the way they look!

I printed off these cute labels from Ladybug's Teacher Files to put on my buckets BUT have not done so yet because I am getting a laminator for my birthday next week!  (I remember when I used to want jewelry, clothes and books...)

I may do all my shelves in black....but for now I am off to get ready for vacation #2!


  1. Love the black. I painted a wall full of bookshelves black this year, too. :-)


    Teaching Little Miracles

  2. I'm now a 2x rust oleum follower, thankyouverymuch, and also have white yuck-o looking shelving, so I will soon be trying a dark color on mine, copy-cat style!! I hope they hold up, too, but $3 next summer, new color, easy peasy! You rock!