Friday, August 2, 2013

Back in the Saddle is August.

I have not done much for the upcoming school year as of today but since I just got back from my second vacation, I feel that I need to get back into the back-to-school swing of things.  

I have 2 things in the works for the TpT store. One is a science unit full of water experiments and the other is a set of flashcards that will help my firsties improve their number sense and make them quicker at identifying numbers.

But for now, I am going to share some pics from my vacation to Washington DC and Baltimore!  It was such a great trip for my family.  We stayed with friends that lived in between DC and Baltimore so we did not have to pay for a place to stay.  We took the metro often and saw so much.  Here are some highlights!

We visited Abe.
He still has green paint all over him.
 It does not take away from the majesty of that monument.

The Capitol is beautiful.
The day was picture perfect.

The Library of Congress was a photographer's dream!
The colors and details are lovely.  

The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.

We stopped by to say hello to the Obama family.  
I was hoping that we would get invited to dinner 
since President Obama and I have the same birthday 
but...that did not happen...this time!

We visited the National Zoo...

...and saw this chubby cutie!

We went to the National Air and Space Museum to see the Space Shuttle Discovery.

We went to the Baltimore Orioles Game and sat behind home base.
About 30 stories up, but behind home base!

My daughter got up on the jumbo tron during the "dance cam" segment!
So fun!

By far the most amazing thing we saw was the changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetery.

A VERY busy vacation but terrific for my kids.  They appreciated the things that they saw and could handle the amount of walking that we did. I hope that the things that we saw will stay in their memories  for years to come.

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  1. What a wonderful holiday Lori... it looks like you had so much fun! We are hoping to travel to the US in a few years and a visit to Washington is definitely on the to-do list.
    I'm sure your kids will be talking about the trip for ages!

    Early Years fun