Wednesday, January 25, 2012

That Kind of Day

9:00 --missing 3 kids. Not surprising as there is a virus running crazy through the school.

9:30 --all kids in (dentist appointment, missed the bus and generally just slept in)

10:00 --sent one kid home sick. Fever. (Did I mention the virus?)

10:30 -- peanut scare and explanation that just smelling the peanuts would not hurt our friend, she has to eat them. There were NO peanuts in the snack to begin with.

10:45 --sent another kid home sick. Fever. yuk.

11:00-1:00 -- generally peaceful

1:00 --attempted to administer math test for the 2nd time this week. No go. One student finally pushed my last button and was encouraged to go visit the principal.

1:10 --returned without aforementioned student to administer the (&*&%&^ math test. No go. Student rolling on ground, holding stomach and moaning. I suggested he go sit in the bathroom and take care of business. I was informed that it was not a "pooping kind of tummy ache". Sent him to the nurse.

1:30 --3 problem test. after first problem, student needs to go to the bathroom. REALLY???? "Is it an emergency????" Yes. Go.

1:40 --on last problem. Crying student. "What's wrong?" "I have to go to the bathroom". GO!

1:45 --tummyache student back from the nurse. Apparently it actually WAS that kind of tummyache. A while in the bathroom and a little magic nurse's water and he was all ready to think mathematically.

2:10 --Principal's buddy returned. Al little better.

2:30 --Told my student teacher (on her 3rd day) "Some days are just like this. Welcome to teaching".

By the way....I did finish the test. Took all afternoon but it is done.....except for the 2 sick kids that went home earlier......oh well.

Hope that everyone else in bloggyland has a more peaceful day. Tomorrow will be better. It always is.

Bee the Change~


  1. Wow! What a day! Maybe tomorrow will be easier! =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Oh my gosh, those days are the worst!

    Better luck tomorrow!
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  3. This made me laugh! Not at you, but the fact that I have days like these all the time! Good luck tomorrow

    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.