Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time Out Tuesday

I was inspired by the folks over at

to do a little Time Out Tuesday for myself. I was sitting on my sunporch (an oddity for October in NY) and surfing the net, while watching my 9 year-old daughter read in one of the other chairs. We were being serenaded by the sound of my 11 year-old practicing his trumpet (he is really good so this was actually a good thing) and I was having a hard time making my mind stay still. You know that hum that we all get when we feel overwhelmed?

Well, I hopped over to Pinterest and found this picture...... I decided to sit and relax a while and give myself permission to NOT think about school for a little bit. This is not a picture from my deck or even my picture at all but I love this time of year. I know that not everyone gets to see the beautiful change of colors so "Happy Autumn from Western NY"

Bee the Change~

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