Wednesday, October 5, 2011


OK teacher friends, something happened to me today that has never happened to me before and I felt that I needed to blog about it.

First, I have to tell you about how my day started yesterday. We had a faculty meeting in the morning that was VERY stressful. The bottom line was that the teachers are expected to do a TON more work within the time frame that we still have. Do more with less. It is a stinky bottom line. It made the day yucky for all of us that got into teaching because we wanted to teach....the children.....not collect and interpret data.

Fast forward to today.

I have a little girl in my class who is an ELL (English Language Learner). She has been on my radar as a child that may need more assistance than simply ESL services. She has difficulty getting work started, likes to distract others and waits for adult help to get anything done. I have been having the ESL aide work with her at writing time when I am working with the other children simply to keep her on task.

Today, my aide got my attention and I went over to see what she and my student were doing. She showed me a writing paper with a beautiful illustration and neat, understandable sentences about how flowers are beautiful and how they need water to grow. I immediately made BIG DEAL about it and told her that I was SO PROUD of her. What happened next is what I was NOT prepared for.

The little girl cried.

Her table-mate looked concerned but said "Mrs. Faas, I think that she is so happy that she is crying!" When I asked her if that was true, she nodded.

She cried.

It led me to think........had she never been praised before?
She was ALL smiles ALL day and I got a big hug as she was walking to the bus.

After a crappy staff meeting yesterday when all we were told was we needed to collect MORE data with LESS resources and no extra time, I was able to end my day with a sweetheart that cried with pride.

THAT is why I became a teacher.

Bee the Change~


  1. What an inspiring story and a reminder of why we teach

  2. ...and that story just made me cry! Thank your for sharing.

  3. so true! this post made me smile. :)

  4. AMEN!
    "THEY" are not in your room every day, all day! You do what you gotta do!

  5. Awww, that is sweet and sad at the same time. Those moments when you know you made a difference are what make it all worth it. Even with all the stress we have to put up with. :) Good Job!


  6. Thanks was VERY moving and I could not wait to get home and write about it!