Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Minute Non- Halloween pumpkin activity!

I may have mentioned that we do not celebrate Halloween at our school. We also have a large group of children that will not be in school tomorrow because of a big non-Halloween celebration that they do at their church. So.......I will not be starting my new math unit tomorrow if I am missing the 5 students that I think I will be missing. So.......I am going to do an activity that has us look at the properties of a pumpkin. We won't carve it. We will just study it. Promise.

I know that it will be too late for you other Halloween "celebraters" but you can certainly use this ANY time in the fall. Enjoy!

Document 1
Bee the Change~

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  1. I like that! Thank you. Thanks also for the birthday wishes :))

    Grade ONEderful