Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Leaves!

If you have not been on Pinterest yet, do yourself a favor and treat yourself! It is "idea nirvana" as far as I am concerned. I love to see what others are making and what they think is beautiful, funny etc. I came across a great lesson that was pinned from Michelle Oakes' wonderful blog, Fabulous in First. I wanted to do the craft part and thought that I would look for a poem that would fit the project for a hallway display. I had a hard time finding just the right poem so I wrote one. It won't be winning any awards but it is perfect for what we needed!
My students worked hard to do their best work!
Here is the poem!
Below is a copy of the poem. It looks really tiny on the screen but when you go to Scribd, it is regular size...promise) Enjoy!

Fall Leaves

Bee the Change~

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