Saturday, September 17, 2011


I am a HUGE fan of a good sorting activity. One of my favorite (and most-used) books is Kathy Ganske's "Word Sorts and More". I love the ready-made ease and the purposeful thought behind her sorts.
While I have a bunch of Kathy's sorts copied and ready to go for later in the school year, I decided that I would create a new sort. Our school (and many others I am sure) are moving toward a more technology-based environment and children are exposed to so many symbols in this new tech world. I have always done a letters/numbers sort and have always made an "other" category for the items that did not fit. This year I changed the sort to letters/numbers/symbols and added some keyboard symbols.

Here is the symbol that had us tricked. It looks like an "a"........
Try a sort this week!

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  3. I love the Tech-no sort activity! Great idea!