Sunday, September 11, 2011


WOW!!!!! SO SO COOL! My little old blog has received an award! I was so excited to log on this morning and see that Andi from Pencils, Glue, & Tying Shoes awarded me the Versitile Blogger award! Thanks Andi! A great compliment coming from you!
Here are the rules of the award:

*Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
*Share 7 things about yourself.
*Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs.

SO....... 7 Things About Me!

1. I am slightly addicted to crafting. Pinterest has been a huge motivator to try new crafts and I actually feel that I need "crafting fixes". Is there an official diagnosis for that?

2. I was the elected Band President my junior and senior years of High School. I represented the band on the student counsel. I am proud to have been a band geek!

3. I do not like to bake. I LOVE to cook when I have the chance but baking is way too precise a science for me.

4. I love to read. My ideal day is starting a book in the morning and having it be so engaging that I finish it before closing my eyes to sleep that night. I do not often find books that are that engaging but when I do, I kinda check out.

5. I have always wanted to be a teacher. My report cards always talked about how much I talked and how I was always helping the other children with their work. I would love to go visit all of those teachers that thought that was a "Bad" thing. Bet their report cards said the same thing when they were little.

6. I have a secret dream to work in radio. Any person that has seen me with a microphone will not be surprised by this....Also, I love to talk. Go figure.

7. Even though I dream of traveling, I have never had the desire to live anywhere other than where I live. I went 2 hours away for college but did not explore any opportunities to move away to teach because I wanted to stay in Rochester and be close to my family. I did not grow up with extended family close by and wanted to raise a family where my children would have access to their grandparents and cousins. (As I write this, my kids are playing with their cousins!)

The last rule of this award is that I have to pass this award along to 15 other bloggers so here you go...15 blogs that are inspiring to me. Go visit them and become followers.

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And for a soul-inspiring blog visit Amy over at The Poem Farm. You will want to visit every day!

Now I am off to figure out how to make myself a button!!! Suggestions?????

Bee the Change~


  1. Lori,
    I must be an emotional mess today... when I got your email I was so happy I cried! LOL! Full moon! Who knows? Thank you so much for this honor and for the kind words you wrote. You are also one amazing blogger and I'm proud to have you as a "blogger friend"!!! Just know that you are"tops" to me, too!
    Just 4 Teachers: Sharing Across Borders

  2. Love the Bees! I have a bee theme too, I may have to go find this background. :) I enjoyed getting to know some things about you. I look forward to reading more.

    Oh, and I was a band geek too and loved it! Drum major and Student Council President my senior year! Yeah Band!