Saturday, September 3, 2011


I think that I may have figured out why I am having difficulty getting back into the swing of things! I have not started one of my favorite back-to-school rituals. Every year at about this time, I read 2 books that have influenced my teaching and are just plain enjoyable.
The first book is Reading with Meaning by Debbie Miller. I own 2 copies of this book. My original copy has all of my notes and thoughts written in the margins. It was damaged by water (a leaky water bottle in my work bag) and mildewed. Sadly I had to buy a new one but still have not had the strength to throw the old one away. Alas....... Debbie's book is full of pictures from her classroom (a place that I would LOVE to learn in) and her style of writing is so nurturing and calming. My favorite part of the book is the prologue when she describes her room before and at the end of the first day of school. The prologue is titled It Doesn't Get Better Than This. I agree Debbie!
My next favorite is Growing Readers by Kathy Collins. Her book focuses on units of study for Reading Workshop. Kathie does a great job of providing mini-lessons for young readers. I really like the early chapters on setting the tone and building good habits.

I am going to go now and start writing some new notes in the margins of my books!

What are your go-to teacher resources?

Bee the Change~

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