Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Free for All Friday

Phew.......this has been a challenge for me! Knowing that this day was coming and that I was going to have to share something original has been STRESSING me OUT! First of all, I have downloaded things from TpT and thought that there was NO WAY in the world that I could ever make something that cute. Second of all I had no idea at all how to get something on the blog to share it!

That being said, and after a self-taught Googledocs tutorial, I am sharing something that I have made that I use all the time in my classroom. It is my Top Ten Worksheet. I love having this printed up in bulk and it is a quick thing to use in any occasion.

At the beginning of the year I use it with friend's names, sight words etc. You can adapt it in any way to be a science (Top 10 mammals), math (number words or math wall words), ELA (book titles or characters). The possibilities are endless.

I have seen this done by many people in much cuter fonts and layouts but I like the half-sheet layout for saving trees. :) If this actually works when I post, then my new goal will be to "cute-ify" this form.....if it doesn't upload then you will not be reading this and I will have a goal to figure out how to get stuff here!

Thanks all for a great week! It was a great week for the premiere of "Bee the Change"!



  1. Yay!!! I am above and beyond impressed! great work my inspirational friend!! xox

  2. A simple, but good, idea! Thanks for sharing! And congrats on working out google docs!

    Down Under Teacher