Monday, August 22, 2011

Classroom Progress!

I have been working in my classroom a bunch this week and wanted to post some of the things that I have completed that I think are kind of fun. I guess at some point I better start planning what I am actually going to teach but there is PLENTY of time to do that! There will be more "after" pictures soon but here is a little teaser! Sorry for the poor picture quality. I only had my phone!

For all of the years that I have been teaching, I have used the traffic light system of behavior management. I have seen variations of the below behavior chart on many blogs and decided to try it. Mrs. Nichols from The Polka Dot Patch was kind enough to share this with me. I like the idea that the children that are making good choices have an opportunity to be rewarded. I worry about my abilty to manage it but will let you know how it goes!
I love my cricut machine. I had some yellow vinyl laying around and put this cute little greeting on my door at kid height.
For years I have always wanted to have a great work board and when I rediscovered the dog bone border in my calendar box, I broke out the cricut again (did I mention that I LOVE that thing?) and added some dogs and the "Dog-gone" GREAT work sign. It is the one board in my room that is done......but very inspiring!

Thanks for checking out my classroom. I also wanted to mention that I also have a blog (Mrs. Faas' First Grade) for my students and their families to see what is going on in my classroom. I have had some of my new students already leave me a message! Very EXCITING!

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  1. I love it :) Your classroom looks great and very welcoming. I may need to get a cricut! I just blogged about one of my bulletin boards...did you see it?