Saturday, October 12, 2013

Five for Friday (on Saturday)

Strange week.....'nuff said.

Sometimes you gotta do what you have to do to get through 6 hours of staff development about base ten number operations.... I try. I really do.  I like to have seasonal decorations up on the kids cubbies.  I thought that for September I would have the children decorate autumn trees.  All was well until we had Open House and one of the dads asked (with a chuckle), "What's with the giant brains?"
What? they do kinda look like brains when the kids put eyeballs in the space between the branches...

You have to love it when a kid chooses to do this at recess.  
Not my student but I had to take a picture.

A friend of mine sells Madison Handbags and sent me this as a thank you gift! 
 It is so pretty and I love it.  Surprises are the best.

Well, it is autumn in Western NY and this is what we get to see....the leaves have not completely changed yet but this tree was too pretty to pass by!

If you are lucky enough to have Columbus Day off, enjoy your rest....

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