Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monster Match-up Puzzle Freebie

Sometimes, professional development is a pain in the rear end.  BUT...sometimes, professional development is just what you need to stimulate that part of your brain that told you that you wanted to be a teacher in the first place!

After one of the better PD classes, I developed a series of "match-up" puzzles.  The ones that we saw were geared toward older grades but it was very easy to format some for our young learners! I made several copies of the puzzles in color and on cardstock.

I made a puzzle and worksheet for the following concepts:

uppercase / lowercase letters
color / color words
number / number words
shape / shape names

These games are available in my TpT store!

I have one of the puzzles here for you to download as a freebie.
I also have a worksheet that goes with this but I am having a horrible time getting it to upload with Scribd...may need to look at another option.  If you would like the worksheet, email me and I will send it to you!

Match-Up Puzzle Monsters

Let me know if you use this.  I have loved watching the children work on it!

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