Monday, October 1, 2012

Read Aloud

One of the things that I was unable to do last year that I really missed was chapter book read alouds. This year with all of the junk that we have to do and all of the new acronyms that are keeping us from actually teaching, I decided that I would bring back the read aloud.

My focus when I do my chapter book read alouds is to introduce the first book in a book series.  We talk about what makes a set of books a series.

We just finished the first book in the Jack Gets a Clue series and I pulled out 3 other books.  After I read them the back of the book as a preview, we voted on which book we wanted to read next.  As you  can see, Ready Freddy Tooth Trouble is our next book.

Later, I will let the class vote on which of our series books we would like to hear the second one of.  Hopefully our list will be VERY long by June!

Does anyone have a favorite series that would be appropriate for a class of first graders?????

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  1. I always read the Junie B Jones books and the Magic Treehouse series to my firsties. It's funny how one year the kiddos love Junie B and the next year the new class likes Magic Treehouse. Not sure which series this year's class will love, but I'm thinking Junie B will be the winner.

    The Busy Busy Hive