Monday, December 3, 2012

A mid-drowning funny!

I have not been able to post in quite a while because we had parent conferences (at night--for 2 nights) and report cards (brand new format--Thanks Common Core!) and I have been very anti-school-related activites at home BUT I had a great laugh today.

I had one little girl come up to me and tell me that she went to see Garth Fagan Dance over the weekend.  We talked about the beautiful dancers and the costumes.  There was another little girl listening off to the side and not to be left out she asked if I wanted to know what she did this weekend.  Sure! (of course that is what I said!)

"I watched my Grandpa peel a deer." 

Good times.


  1. I live with a hunter so I can totally relate. Love her sweet words!

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