Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines for Veterans --Part 2

Remember when I posted about our Valentines for Veterans (Part 1)? Well, we finally got a chance to present them to the veterans from our community! Each grade was assigned to sing the first verse of one of the military branches' songs. The first grade was responsible for learning the Army hymn. After a week or so of practice, we sang it beautifully! I am going to try to post the video of it later because I was having a few technical difficulties.

Here we are sitting in front of the guests of honor!
After the presentation in the cafeteria, my favorite veteran, my Dad, came back to talk with my class about his career in the Army. The kids thought that it was totally cool that MY DAD was in school.
My Dad also brought his uniform with him. He told the children that a soldier's uniform tells the story of a soldier's career. He explained all of the different pins and badges and what they mean.
The children asked a bunch of good questions about his uniform and his time spent in the medical unit.
He left us his hat to try on too. Little Miss is wearing HER Dad's hat. He came to the ceremony too!
It was a FABULOUS day for everyone involved! Can't you tell by the smiles?
Bee the Change~

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  1. Hi Mrs. Faas and Friends!
    I miss you! What a special day! I love that he told the story behind his uniform. Colin - you look very grown up in that hat. See you soon!
    Love, Mrs. Cummings