Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Bloggy Gift Exchange

Happy Valentine's Day +1!

I have to say that I LOVE getting gifts. I was SO SO excited when a HUGE package arrived at my house the other day addressed to ME! I had so much fun doing the Holly Bloggy Christmas Gift Exchange put on by Sarah over at Kindergarten Korner and Caitlyn at Ms. Preppy that I hopped on board for the Valentine's Day gift exchange. I was so impressed by the craftiness of the gift from Amber of at Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher! A very nice (love the colors) custom clipboard and post-it note holder to match (complete with a little bling). Of course, some chocolate and a fantastic new Burt's Bees. I included a close-up of the post-it holder because I did not think that you could fully appreciate its coolness from this far away.

Thanks Amber!

Bee the Change~