Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's For Veterans --Part 1

Today was a great day in first grade! We participated in Valentines for Veterans. This is a program that was started at our school by a teacher whose son is a serviceman. All of the first graders gathered in the cafeteria to make cards that will be presented to veterans at a ceremony later in the month. This awesome teacher also wants different classes to learn the first verse of each of the different service branches songs. Fun....I will definitely post that when it happens!

We made a word poster for the children while directions were given.
(My artistic shot of the supplies at one of the tables BEFORE the children were let loose on it!)
Such a beautiful card!
Thinking about what the message will be!
Working together!
Having fun!
Adding lots of details!

I am pretty sure that they could have worked on this project ALL DAY! They worked for a good half hour on ONE CARD each....a perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon. Be on the lookout for the Part 2 of this post coming later this month. I am also going to get some pictures of our honor wall at school. A wall full of pictures of servicemen (current and retired) that have served our country.

Do any of you do things similar to this in your schools?

Bee the Change~


  1. I love this project! It's so much fun to use all the different crafty stuff and to see kids get excited about how to use them!