Monday, December 5, 2011

Blogging Lesson #2 Picking the best photo!

Our Lesson today was focused on what makes a good blog picture. We started by reviewing our Blog Words chart and adding the word "scroll". I was really impressed by how many kids already knew that term.
I then demonstrated the fine art of scrolling.
Then Colin showed us his scrolling technique!
While we were scrolling, Alex noticed that we had some comments on our post from last week so we used another word from the blog word list and clicked the comment LINK!
Onto our lesson of the day! The focus was to determine what makes a good photograph for a blog. We then looked at the following pair of pictures and talked about which one would be a better picture.
The kids thought that this was easy! The first one was blurry and did not show the whole door. The second photo showed the stocking, the gel clings and (of course) our Hello!

The second pair was a little more difficult to decide on. They liked that the picture showed our whole cubby area but one little smartie said "but you can't see what the decorations ARE!" this led to a discussion about WHO looks at our blog. We know what our room looks like so we know what the decorations are. They are getting very smart about blogging!
The text of the post was added.......
And Joseph saved and published! Go to our classroom blog, Mrs. Faas' First Grade! to see our finished post.
Where to next? I think that we are going to move into small group blogging next. I am going to have small groups of 5-6 pick a topic, learn to use the digital camera and make their own post about something at our school. I am thinking about putting up a piece of chart paper so that we can keep track of our great ideas!

What do you think?

Bee the Change~

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