Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blog Lesson #3 Small groups begin!

There has been quite a bit of excitement in our room this week! We are finally blogging!

Mrs. Muir came in this week and worked with each table group to create a blog post. The first step that we took was to create a list of topics that we could blog about. I discussed "audience" with the kids and told them that there were many people that would read our blog and MOST of them will never be IN our room. We wanted to share some of the things that we do each day.

Below is the lis that we generated.
Since we made it, we have actually continued to add to it!

As Mrs. Muir (Linda) worked with each group, she guided the discussion around the chosen topic. The children tended to want to stray from the original topic. When they were writing about birthdays in our room, they wanted to talk about their own birthday parties!

Focus, focus,focus.

As Linda was guiding the discussion around the topic, SHE was the one that was doing the writing. Later in the blogging process, we hope that the children will be taking over the writing process.
The next step was to have the children learn how to use the digital camera and take pictures relating to their blog post. Linda was able to focus on holding the camera button down and waiting, holding the camera still and being close enough to get the best picture. Some of these children had never taken a picture before! What a great experience!
At this point, I am the one that is typing and uploading pictures for the post. I wanted the children to see a quicker result to keep the excitement level up!

I am not sure where to go from here. I feel like the kids are not quite independent enough to take over the writing. Maybe just keep up with small group blogging and continue to develop our list? HELP bloggy friends!

Follow these links to see the posts done by the children!

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