Saturday, September 21, 2013

Five for Friday...or Saturday...

This was a tough post.  I have a SUPER challenging class this year and I am exhausted.  I have not had the time to take pictures much less blog about anything that is going classroom is a mess and I am not anywhere near as planned as I would like to be....but here it is!!!


My hubby (a strong supporter of the teaching profession), got a great coupon for a free case of paper.  I am not sure if your schools have the paper issues that we have but every once in a while I go to the copier at the end of the day only to find that there is not any of the day's ration of paper it won't matter!


These fabulous towers have been popping up all over my classroom.  Geoblocks are a big hit.  I have been using them as one of our workstations as I train them how to move through the stations.


Went with my kiddos out for dinner and my girlie tried sushi for the first time.  She said that it was "not her favorite" and did not finish this bite but tried it! Proud of her.


Below is one of the specialties of the Rochester NY area.  It is a garbage plate.  Hash browns, mac salad, a hot dog, cheseburger patty, a little mustard and hot meat sauce.  I got this one at about 1:30 am after a friend's 40th birthday party.  That is the only time of day and situation when a normal person can actually eat one of these.  If you ar ever in Rochester, ask for a garbage plate!


This last set of pics comes with a great first grade story.  I have a little boy in my class that informed me and my students that we were going to have a dance battle on the hill during recess.  It was the girls against the boys (except me, I could be on the boy's team).  The pics below are some from the so funny.  We had no music so I had to sing...that was fun.  And it was a tie....everyone was a winner!

Bee Happy!  Dance on a grassy hill, with music of your own, with as many friends as you can gather!

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  1. We have paper issues too! We are given so much money to use on our account and so much paper. I always forget to bring my paper to the copier though...then I have to go all the way back to my room!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten