Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What do we know about poetry?

This is one of my favorite lessons during poetry month!  I love to hear what the children think poetry is.  They are always surprised when I say there are NO writing rules and that poems can be about ANYTHING. They also thought that it was great that anyone who writes a poem gets to be called a poet.

We did this lesson right before lunch and on the way to lunch I heard them talking.  I was just about to reprimand when I realized that as they were walking, they were brainstorming things that they could write poems about.  

"We can write a poem about chicken nuggets!" 
"We can write a poem about wood chips!"
"We can write a poem about the computer lab!"

It should be fun when we do our rythm lesson tomorrow and start writing our own poems!

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  1. They already know so much about poetry! They're going to love that unit:)
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