Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Poetry Month

I realize that life has been quiet over here at Bee the Change.  I have found myself to be lacking inspiration.  With Comon Core and APPR requiring so much of my time, I feel as though I have not been the best blogger.  

April arrived and gave me exactly what I was craving.....poetry!

Two very special poets have caught my eye here in early April. The first poet is a friend of mine who has a brand new book. You can also visit Amy Ludwig VanDerwater's site The Poem Farm for terrific poetry-related inspiration!

I ordered it today and am grouchy that I actually have to WAIT to receive it!  I cannot wait to share it with my firsties next week.

The other poet that has a special place in my heart is this little known poet who published a book of her own poetry in 1953.  Her name is Ruth Cornelius Volk and she is my great-grandmother!  Later this month I will share her scrapbook of original writings.  My mother and I will be working on getting all of her work transferred digitally.  Many of the poems that she wrote were about my mother (her grandaughter) and her other grandchildren as well as her children and soldiers that were fighting oversees.  In reading her work, so many of these poems are relevant to the feeling that we encounter today.

I think that to kick off poetry month, I will share one of great-grandma's poems that helps me to be hopeful that spring will soon actually arrive.

Brown Musician by Ruth Cornelius Volk

Oh, lovely thrush, so brown and soft,
You spread your wings and fly aloft
To yonder tree and gentle mate
Who now has flown to garden gate.
Your throat is filled with song sublime;
And female thrush , who swings on vine,
Will leave you breathless in her flight.
Call out to her a fond "good night."

Happy Poetry Month all!!!! I hope that you all will be inspired to share beautiful words!

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