Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Writer's Workshop

As I was sitting with my firsties today during Writer's Workshop I was thinking about how it realy is my favorite part of my day.  It took us a while to get into the routine but I feel like we finally have a system and I thought that I would share it!  Under the new Common Core for writing, we are mandated to work on writing modules but fortunately, they do not take up every day of writing.  

I have my writing much for the fancy cover, right?  It is green and easy to spot!

I conference with half of my kids each day.  I go to their tables and sit with them.  We start each writing time off with 5-8 minutes of "No Walk, No Talk".  I turn on the quiet music, nobody gets up and nobody talks, including me.  It is time to get started. Lovely.....

One of the things that I started with the kids in December was writing goals.  We looked at their writing and decided together what they wanted to work on for the month.  I then wrote it on a little post-it and we taped it inside their writing folder.

Ally's first goal was to check the letters that she most often reversed (yellow note). We just added the blue goal this week.  (Yes, that is Princess Leia in case you were wondering!)

Sophia has a problem getting started and finishing a piece of writing so these are her goals.

I have tried TONS of conference note forms and this seems to work best.  I take notes on the topic that the children are working on and notes on any mechanics that I corrected or did a teach point on.

At the end of writer's workshop we have a share time.  The children that share read what they wrote and show their picture.  Their classmates then offer 3 questions or compliments.  This has been a great way to end our morning and transition to lunch.

I would love to hear how you all implement writer's workshop in your classroom.

On a side note...this is a picture that is representative of my week.....take it any way you want would probably be right!

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