Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday SELF post!

My "One Little Word" for 2013 is SELF.

This is a toughie since I am Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Teacher and Friend.  I love all of those titles and sometimes SELF is not my priority.

SO....I have decided to dedicate Sundays to me. Or at least my Sunday post.  I am hoping that this will not scare away any hard-core teacher followers! I promise that I will continue to teacher-post during the week!

One thing that I did for myself this week was to spend 4 nights in a row in bed with a hunk named Ranger....
I love Ranger.

It was a quick read but was fun.  I have loved this series.  When I started it 3 years ago, I was taking the books out of the library 3 at a time and read the entire series in one summer!

I am sad to think that Janet is going to have to end this series at some point.

Another SELF activity this weekend was to go and see Les Mis (again) with a friend that had never seen anything Les Mis.  That was a great experience!  This movie is terrific.  I will definitely own it when it comes out....

Lastly.....this week contained the hardest workout that I have ever participated in.  Ever.  In my whole 43 years of life.
I did not quit.
I powered through the pain.
I did not throw up.
I am going back for more.

Take time for yourselves this week, my bloggy friends!

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  1. You rock, friend!! Les Mis was incredible,as is your working out! xox