Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monday on a Tuesday, a Funny and a Beauty

Well...I have been looking at all of these fantastic Monday Made it Posts and have been thinking....."maybe I will get started at some point......" I only slightly FREAKED out when I was in school yesterday and realized HOW CLOSE it is to show time!  I started getting some of the projects started today. SO.....even though it is Tuesday, I will post my Monday Made It!

 In my district we do Math Investigations and I really do like the program.  The one thing that drives me a little crazy about this program is the different types of dice that we need to use.  We use regular dot dice, dice with 1, 2 and 3 dots only. Dice with numerals on them both 7-12 and 1-6.  I have been storing them in one bucket which drives me crazy and difficult for the children to find the dice that they need. Well, i hae solved that problem with my new set of dice containers!

My kids love to drink Wyler's drink mix.  I have been saving the containers for months now and finally found what I was going to use them for!  I got this very cute duck tape at A.C. Moore today and off I went. Below are the 3 stages of progress.  My daughter and I made 6 of them today in abot an hour (maybe less). is only one project but at least I am getting my head in the game.....

Onto something funny.

Was driving behind this on my way out this afternoon.....would have loved it if it had pulled over and given me one!!!!

One of the last flowers that usually bloom in my garden are blooming now.  It would make me sad if they weren't so pretty.......

Japanese Anemone
Off to find another project!

Bee the Change~


  1. Love the covered to find my square ones (Walmart lemonade stuff). I think I already have some patterned duck tape.

    Terri Izatt

  2. I love the covered containers. Whoever thought of pattern duck tape was a genius. I am your latest follower. I would love to have you come by and visit my blog.