Thursday, June 14, 2012

The benefit of being in school on June 14th

There is one benefit to still being in school on June 14th and that is Flag Day!  At our school we LOVE this particular patriotic holiday!  The whole school gathers outside for an assembly and I get to see the cutest red white and blue dressed kids in the universe!  Who knew ther were SO many stars and stripes dresses?

Hanging with Piggy and Gerald while waiting to go outside!

Red, white and blue was everywhere!

Even on the flip flops!

flag shirts were very popular

First grade at the whole-school assembly.

Old Glory

 The kindergartners and first graders sing "You're a Grand Old Flag" and they do a fantastic job!  (There are even hand this one)

 Happy Flag Day America!

Bee the Change~

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  1. I LOVE your flip flops! I wonder if I could find a pair like that with the Canadian flag for July 1st. Hmm...I'll have to start looking :) Take care.

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